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Q: I have a bike, but it’s broken. Can you fix it?

A: Yes, we can help you fix your bike. Stop by Recycle Bicycle Harrisburg’s Bike Shop during our hours of operation and we will help you fix your bike. If we are not able to repair your bike, we will fit you with a replacement bike.

Q: Can I just bring in the part of the bike that is broken?

Sorry, we can not just fix a part of the bike. You need to bring the whole bike, so that we can do a safety inspection and check to make sure that everything on the bike is in good working order.

Q: How do I get a bike?

A: Simply come to Recycle Bicycle Harrisburg’s Bike Shop during our hours of operation and we will outfit you with a bike. Before we provide a bike, all adults are required to either have or purchase a bike lock.

Q: Do I need any information to get a bike?

A: Since our mission is to recycle bicycles, when you come to get a bike, our volunteers will ask you about the last bike you had. If you’ve grown out of it, bring it along, so that we can get it ready for the next rider.

Q: What’s the Earn-A-Bike program?

A: Anyone who needs a bike could earn one by investing two hours of labor into making their bike safe, reliable transportation. Children can also get a bike by having a guardian invest two hours in bike repair or shop “sweat equity.” PLEASE NOTE: Your wait time may be long, we work on a first come first serve system. We also are 100% volunteer so it also depends on the number of volunteers available to help at that time.

Q: I would like to volunteer. How can I get involved?

A: We always welcome volunteers, whether they like to fix bikes, help with community events, write grants, or whatever skills they can offer. Read more about volunteering

Q: What hours is the Bike Shop open?
Q: I have some bikes I want to donate. How do I do that?

A: Donated bikes are our lifeblood. Simply drop off any bike that you no longer use or want. Learn more

Q: Do you accept donations of bike parts and other equipment?

A: Yes, we will put any donation to good use. Just bring them to the Bike Shop. Learn more

Q: Why must a parent or guardian be on hand when minor children are getting bikes.

We require that a parent or guardian comes with each child, so that we know that the child has permission to get a bike. Parents are also responsible for the child’s safety, so we like to explain to them about brakes and other parts that need to be properly maintained.

Q: Can I get bikes for all of my kids?

A: We are happy to outfit the entire family with safe, reliable bikes. Any child under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian to receive a bike. We also require that you have a lock for each adult bike that is provided.

Q: How long does it take to get a bike?

A: We are not a bike store with inventory ready to roll out the door. Please be prepared to wait as our volunteers work to help select the bike that best fits you and then check it over to make any necessary repairs. We encourage everyone to get involved in getting their bike ready.

Q: I know how to make the repairs I need, can I do it myself?

A: We will be happy to provide you with the parts you need, as well as lend you the use of any tools in our Bike Shop.

Q: Where can I get a bike lock?

A: Recycle Bicycle Harrisburg has bike locks available, at a cost of $7.00. Cash only.

Q: After I get a bike, is it registered anywhere?

Bikes that Recycle Bicycle Harrisburg distributes to individuals are registered with the City of Harrisburg before they leave the shop. Each new bike owner is provided with a copy of their bike registration, which includes the bike serial number and the City of Harrisburg bike registration number.

Q: Can I also register my bike, in addition to the City of Harrisburg?

Yes, feel free to register your bike with your local police department. If it is ever lost or stolen, the registration can help in recovering your bike. You can also register you bike with the national non-profit bike registry at

Q: What is that bike symbol I see painted on the street?

This is a sharrow. Sharrows are pavement markings that improve cycling safety on streets that are too narrow for traditional bike lanes. These markings indicate to drivers that the road is a preferred bicycle route, and that they should be prepared to share the road with cyclists.

The City of Harrisburg has placed sharrows along 6th Street up to Susquehanna Township. There are plans for future streets to also have sharrows. As you travel outside of the city other communities are implementing the use of sharrows. It’s a reminder to watch out for cyclists and give them 4 feet.

Q: Must I wear closed toe shoes to test ride the bike?

Yes! For safety sake – anyone who is receiving a bike must have closed toe shoes to wear when test riding the bike. No flip flops, sandals or open toe shoes are permitted.

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