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Paying It Forward – The Bike That Keeps Giving

Seven years ago, local non-profit, Recycle Bicycle Harrisburg (RBH) worked with a woman whose bike was stolen to provide her with a much needed replacement bike. She left the shop with a plum-colored classic Ross bicycle. She enjoyed her bike and loved it through the years, so much as to have completed two Capital Area Greenbelt Association’s Tour de Belt rides!

The Ross bike being donated back to Recycle Bicycle.

As with most things, wear and tear happened and eventually she had the tires and cables renewed at a local bike shop on this classic Ross bicycle. This bike would be giving more than just a ride in the future.

After some time, she got a new bike and donated her classic Ross bike back to RBH at Harrisburg’s Kipona Festival. Thus, the plum-colored Ross bicycle had returned to its starting point, but only for a brief visit. Because… another woman in need, an immigrant searching for a bike to satisfy her transportation needs, came upon RBH and was introduced to the same Ross bike that helped the previous woman over seven years ago! It was in good shape and ready to, again, share the joy of cycling. The classic Ross bicycle keeps paying it forward, providing function and smiles to its new owner.

The pay-it-forward concept is the lifeline of how RBH operates. It tells us that we can make a difference in the lives of others! Thank you for always giving. Pay it forward – bring in your old bike – help another out. We love recycling and helping people!

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