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RBH Building Update

How do you keep an 80 year old looking good? Constant improvements…of course. Our 80-year-old building is looking better every day. The outside of the building with its bright new mural is so inviting.

However, the sidewalk and driveway was dangerous. We enlisted the help of a mason and with volunteers we have a new patch of concrete that is much safer to walk on.

Inside we have been working on upgrading the second floor. This space will be used as an office work area. New electrical and plumbing is being installed to meet the city codes. The fire system is being extended to this area also. This will be a valuable area for the organization to store and work on many projects that are currently being handled at multiple volunteers’ homes.

The next big item is to restore heat to the second floor. We are planning to upgrade the HVAC to the front community room and second floor. We will also add a heat source to the work area in the shop. RBH is a year round operation. Many clients ride their bicycles all year and rely on them for transportation. We are there to help them through those winter months too.

Another big improvement to the building is to replace and restore the old windows in the shop as well as the second floor. Many are boarded up or broken. This will add a level of safety and will be energy efficient, not to mention the natural light element within the shop will be very helpful.

Of course these improvements cost money, but we are committed to making this building a safe and pleasant facility.

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